Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Having Hurdles In Using HP Printers, Want to Repair It? Here is a Way

HP Printers you can call it the best printer you can have in circulation. Its prints quality is best quality you can get in the circulation. It is available for both use for the home and the offices. This is a monotonous product of the market. One of its kind. Yes, Competitors are there and also claiming for the same as the HP Printers offers. They only claim but HP proves. 

There is hardly some case when you find any problem with HP. We are not making any fake promises. This is a machine you can sometime found some technical fault. But don’t get worried you can easily resolve it. Because, it’s a durable product. You had invested at the right place. 

Here the expert of HP support team of Australia makes things more apparent by the following steps: 
  1. Check out the actual fault occurs in printer. Now the point is how you will get to know. Wait! Gave a command to the printer and print out one page and then go with the result you get. What you paper speaks. In the printer you can find only one type of problem that is of “Print.” Either you are getting a right print or having problem in it.
  2. Go for the next step pull out the tray of the printer. If you have multiple trays printer than put out only one and check it out where is the actual fault is. Most probably printers get problem because of trays only due to the defective rolls. 
  3. Put out the trays very carefully. Until or unless you will hear the voice of “tick or click”, click up or down the tray. Keep the tray aside while you find any roller inside the printer. 
  4. Now check out the condition of the roller, touch it with your hand how it feels (smooth/hard). If you find that it feels smooth it means they are worn and you need to replace it with the new worn roller. When you put the new one remember it sounds “Click.” The click sound confirms that your roller is rightly placed. 
  5. Carefully put your tray back > Again do the same give a text command to the printer > Again analyze the fault with the paper you get. 
  6. “Fuser Cartridge” is one of the problem occurs in the HP Printers. It is located in the left hand side of the printer. To check it out open the “Left - Hand- Side” door of the printer, here you will see a black rectangular Cartridge. You have to put it out but wait, let the printer cool off, the fuser might get too hot. 
  7. Put your fingers “IN” as like a holder and safely put out the fuser and check it out. If you find that the wheels are seized, it means your printer needs a new one. Get the new one and put it in the printer very safely with the same process as you put it out. For the result turn ON the printer and flow the result. Which you will get by the print.
  8. Lastly there can be a problem with the “Supply”, the electric supply of the printer. There can be various reasons for the power supply. Check it out and try to resolve them. 

These can be the maximum type problem occur in the printer. If you find any other and you want the help of our experts you can directly call at our HP Printer support number UK 0800-098-8674, come with the problem and resolve them with us. Enjoy the service.

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